Monday, April 30, 2012

Free crochet pattern for Barbie dress


Material used:
white and green color yarn
crochet hook - 3.25mm
abbreviations used:
single crochet
double crochet stitch
half double crochet stitch
work with two color yarn mixed that means 2 skiens (1- white, 2- green)
Row 1: ch 24, join with slip st with first st and make a ring to make a skirt part
Row 2: dc in each chain of row 1 so totally 24 dc
(note: join with slip st to the frist stitch, and make ch 3(assume as 1 dc) this point should be follow in all rows)
Row 3: *2 dc in the same st,1 dc in next, 1 dc in next*, 2 dc in next,repeat these steps till last stitch and join (totally 32 dc's)
Row 4: to Row 7: repeat row 3
Row 8: 2 dc in between dc's of row 7 so totally 64 dc's

Top part:
now the bottom part finsihed and yet to start from the hip part that means the part ch 24 which we start to make skirt part. 
24 single hdc's in 8 rows
and finsih off. make 20 chains with two skiens either two colors or two skiens of single color (2 ropes) and sew it tow sides for tieing from one side which we assuming as front side, and make 25 chains with two skiens and use as a belt for barbie hip for tightening purpose.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crochet dress for Barbie doll

Hi friends,
i made some of crocheted dresses for barbie doll and my daughter enjoyed very much with these dolls and she is very happy to recieve such a nice dresses to her doll......some of them were uploaded as sale pattern in ravelry. And i got orders also to make some dresses..!!!!
Ravelry sale patterns:
crochet cream and purple
crochet bobble gown
and the left over three patterns have to write  and wants to give a free pattern also!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

paper cup craft with wollen and straw flower

Hi friends,
these are some of paper cup craft with woolen and straw flowers made by my students.

kundan flowers

Hi friends,
these are some of kundan flowers i taught to my students in vocation time and still some art works are there to upload in blog!! Happy crafting!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mirror embroidery & herringbone stitch embroidery

Hi friends,
i did mirror work embroidery in salwar as asked by one customer and i did simple designs with mirror work and stem stitch embedded behind to the mirrors and i used lazy daisy stitch also!! And in the purdha also she wanted some motif like embroidery so i did herringbone stitch flowers which i already made in the blue color bedspread before some months and the difference in between two embroideries are the border for the herringbone stitches with the stem stitches. here is the link for bedspread embroidery.

New Year Wishes

Happy new year wishes friends!! lets take good decisions and make it true as we desired and lets welcome the new year with happy!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sequins Art

Some of works of sequins done by my students. Its very easy craft and materials is the kundan stones and color sketches and glitters, thats all!! within half an hour we can do this art!!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Free Pattern For Mini Bobble stitch purse

Hi friends,
this is my 100th post and i am very happy to give free pattern for mini bobble stitch purse and this pattern i got from Ravelry and i slightly modified the pattern and make like a purse to organize small things. i am using key purse!!

                  Crochet mini bobble stitch purse

Materials required:
Yarn two colors(in this project I used brown and green)
Note: As per your choice you change color, in this pattern I used same color for base and the body and you can apply one color for base and other color for body and even you can make complete purse with single color also.
Crochet hook – 3.25mm

Special stitches
Basic stitch: bobble stitch
single crochet 
And double crochet stitches for base(dc) and for the cover part.

Bobble stitch:
Combination of 4 dc’s that you make in the same stitch, except you leave each dc half complete and then pull yarn through all half complete dc’s holded in the hook.

Start Working with brown color
Note: in this pattern we have to follow that one row is in BS stitches and in the next row should be in single crochets in between 2 BS's and in the middle of BS.
so totally 5 rows of BS and 4 rows of single crochets.
Base: Ch 17, dc in 4 th from hook and assume this as first dc and 13 dc in next 13 chains and repeat this once again and two rows of base stitches need for this purse.

Body of the purse:
Row 1: ch 1, bobble stitch(BS) in 2nd and 3rd dc, 4th and 5th dc, like this skip 2 dc’s and make one BS, so totally 14dc’s and finish the first row with slip stitch to the first dc of first BS. While turning of first row BS have to come in between 2 dc’s ,  that means 2 dc’s of BS in one dc gap and another 2 dc’s of BS should come in next dc gap. So that one full BS will appear.(side portion of the purse)in this i used BS is in brown color and single crochets in green color. contrast color will give nice texture of the purse.

Row 2: in this row make single crochets in between two BS's and in the middle of BS's also (of previous row.)

Row 3:in this row BS should appear in the middle of two single crochets.

Row 4:in this row single crochets have to make.

Row 5: ch1, make BS in middle of single crochets

Row 6: ch1, make single crochets in BS's and in the middle of two BS's

Row 7: ch1, make BS in middle of single crochets.

Row 8: ch1 , single crochets have to appear in between two BS's and in the middle of BS's also

Row 9: ch 1, BS should appear in between two single crochets and lastly make single crochets all over the part and finishoff.

Cover of the purse:
make 12 double crochet stitches in one side of the part and make 7 more rows of dc's and cut the yarn, and make border 2 single half double crochets in the middle of two dc's in brown color yarn. 

Atlast add velcro for making easy closing purpose.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Hi friends,
i made this hat and booties some days before and i make a pdf file for this cute hat and booties for two year old kids and if you want to purchase this one here is the link.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Glass painting by kids

Hi friends,
some of glass painting done by my students.

All paintings together!

This peacock done by six, seven and eight year old kids.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hi friends,
these are some of origami works and crepe paper roses done by my students.. actually have to do in thick colored paper but i taught to make with crepe paper, so i didnt turn out very well!!

here is the video for making origami lotus!! And i made these crepe paper roses what is in my mind that is have to cut the crepe papers in petal shapes and go ahead with glue rolled on BBQ stick which was already rolled in green colored green crepe paper for stem. and totally i pasted eight petals for flower.

Hi friends,
yesterday i posted my new pattern for shell stitch purse in raverly for sale. here is the link who wants to buy my purse pattern can view this link and order me. After recieving the payment through my paypal account i will email you the pattern within 24 hrs.
I am very happy to uplaoding the picture of my purse.