Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome board from thermocol

Hi friends,

i am taking craft classes in kids school vocation time and last year my students did these wonderful "welcome" board crafts.....

Embroidery in blouses

Hi friends,

these are some emrboideries i have done in my blouses some months ago......

Friday, January 28, 2011

long loom knitted scarf

Hi friends,

this one i made by using long loom and this one take long time to finish........

u pin shawl

Hi friends,

these two are u pin shawls and wooleaters patterns, used u pin to make a shawl............

U pin lace doily

Hi friends,
this one is made with u pin lace first three  rows and then made double crochets to make a big white and blue colored one.......

Flower doily

Hi friends,

this is the wonderful flower doily i made some months ago, and in the centre two layers of the flower and then from the flower petal i use double crochets for the last layering of one motif and i made seven motifs and stitched together  next by next to look like a doily..........

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Woolen flower hairband

this is the procedure and step by step tutorial for making flower hairband using woolen thread.........
materials needed:
woolen balls - 2
big eye needle - 1
rubber band to hold  hair nd to make a ring
round shaped loom

1. in first photo we need for this one round shaped frame for making woolen band and tie the desired woolen to one of the nail in the frame. its costs aroung 6 to 9 rupees. and in that we can make big one bu using the outermost nailsand we can make small one by the use of innermost nails.
2. in the second one we have to tie the woolen and roll it around the nails in the innermost one and roll it from onenail to the just apposite nail.(10 times)
3. in the third one we have to roll the woolen to the adjacent nail after finishing the first one. the fourth one the second nail set is nearly finishing.
5, in the fifth one the completion of the rolling is shown.

in this in the sixth photo the tieing of the woolen band is shown. have to put one knot to the last nail
in the seventh one we have to take the another coloured, woolen then only it looks nice..and take one big needle to sew the band and put the thread in the needle.
next to this  we have to push the needle in the middle of the band at the backside of the frame.the next step is  have to take needle from down to up and put down in the middle of the round rolls around the nails. then only we can get clear flower and cute also.
then  have to repeat to the adjacent nails also. after finishing all the nails we have to put knot at last at the back side.

in this the completion of the woolen centre part is shown. and then take one normal band any colour u wish and put the base knot two lines and attach it with the woolen flower which one made before.

lastly............. cute hairband!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oil can flower vase

Hi friends,
i made these wonderful flower vase with the help of oil can and i applied some design on it with the help of black liners........

Bird nest and crochet eggs

Hi friends.
 i  made this bird nest from the fruit packing material and used yougurt cup for shape of the nest and made some crochet eggs............

Fruit bowl Glass Painting

Hi friends,

this is fruit bowl in glass painting.. i used black glass liner and yellow and green  glass colors for painting of the flowers and leaves........

Wall hangings

Hi friends,
these are some of wall hanging i made..first one made with unused bangles and tissue cloths and few sequiens..

this one made from butterfly loom and i stuck some mirrors in the centre part...

this wall hanging done with granny square at the centre part and i made some bigger to look like a diamond shape on the wall with  half doubel

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crochet Headband using u pin lace

Hi friends,
here with i am posting my crocheted headband made using u pin lace and flower attached in the center part and the flower also made using round shaped loom.

Canvas Earring holder

Hi friends,
this is earring holder for keeping so many earrings in one place......

Velvette embossing

Hi friends,
this is my velvette embossing work......

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Clutch hangers and Organizers

Hi friends,

i made two clutch hangers for my hairbands, hairclips and clutches.....and made two organizers, one is for keeping mobiles, some important things away from kids,etc........and another one is for remote so we call it as Remote holder..........

Crochet hats and Bookmarks

Hi friends,
these are some of hats made by me and in this i used haripin loom for blue and black one ........and  in the first snap divine hat and puff stitch hats are there for your view and i made two bookmarks.........and in the last snap i made one hat used double crochets......