Monday, April 09, 2012

Free Pattern For Mini Bobble stitch purse

Hi friends,
this is my 100th post and i am very happy to give free pattern for mini bobble stitch purse and this pattern i got from Ravelry and i slightly modified the pattern and make like a purse to organize small things. i am using key purse!!

                  Crochet mini bobble stitch purse

Materials required:
Yarn two colors(in this project I used brown and green)
Note: As per your choice you change color, in this pattern I used same color for base and the body and you can apply one color for base and other color for body and even you can make complete purse with single color also.
Crochet hook – 3.25mm

Special stitches
Basic stitch: bobble stitch
single crochet 
And double crochet stitches for base(dc) and for the cover part.

Bobble stitch:
Combination of 4 dc’s that you make in the same stitch, except you leave each dc half complete and then pull yarn through all half complete dc’s holded in the hook.

Start Working with brown color
Note: in this pattern we have to follow that one row is in BS stitches and in the next row should be in single crochets in between 2 BS's and in the middle of BS.
so totally 5 rows of BS and 4 rows of single crochets.
Base: Ch 17, dc in 4 th from hook and assume this as first dc and 13 dc in next 13 chains and repeat this once again and two rows of base stitches need for this purse.

Body of the purse:
Row 1: ch 1, bobble stitch(BS) in 2nd and 3rd dc, 4th and 5th dc, like this skip 2 dc’s and make one BS, so totally 14dc’s and finish the first row with slip stitch to the first dc of first BS. While turning of first row BS have to come in between 2 dc’s ,  that means 2 dc’s of BS in one dc gap and another 2 dc’s of BS should come in next dc gap. So that one full BS will appear.(side portion of the purse)in this i used BS is in brown color and single crochets in green color. contrast color will give nice texture of the purse.

Row 2: in this row make single crochets in between two BS's and in the middle of BS's also (of previous row.)

Row 3:in this row BS should appear in the middle of two single crochets.

Row 4:in this row single crochets have to make.

Row 5: ch1, make BS in middle of single crochets

Row 6: ch1, make single crochets in BS's and in the middle of two BS's

Row 7: ch1, make BS in middle of single crochets.

Row 8: ch1 , single crochets have to appear in between two BS's and in the middle of BS's also

Row 9: ch 1, BS should appear in between two single crochets and lastly make single crochets all over the part and finishoff.

Cover of the purse:
make 12 double crochet stitches in one side of the part and make 7 more rows of dc's and cut the yarn, and make border 2 single half double crochets in the middle of two dc's in brown color yarn. 

Atlast add velcro for making easy closing purpose.


  1. happy to see your 100th post.... wish you to have a loooong blogging journey

  2. thanks arul for nice comments.