Sunday, March 13, 2011

OHP Sheet Book mark and tutorial

Hi friends,

i did one bookmark using ohp sheet and glass colors and black liner......and want to share my tutorial here with you all ilites........hope all will try this out and this is very easy and kids also can do for fun.......and this one is for my dd's friend for her birthday she wanted to give thats why i made this cute book mark......she is very happy now!!
Designs using for this work is depends upon your choice you can use any picture from book or else use freehand drawing directly in ohp sheet with pen or sketch and can use black liner after that on the lining..........
i used barbie design for my dd's friend!!

Materials needed:
OHP sheet
glass colors, (as per your choice - water based)
black liner,
satin ribbon(as per your choice)

First step: Trace the design on the ohp sheet or use free hand drawing and use black liner and draw the full design with out any lumps in the middle, if any mistakes happed you can leave it as itself, after drying you can use knife and remove the mistaken black liner and apply good one and then leave it for 24 hrs....

i forgot to take the fully applied black liner figure...
Second step:
After drying of the picture apply glass colors as per your choice then leave it again for half day...and i applied one flower with my freehand drawing style and i always love to do freehand drawing only and as usual apply black liner and leave it for one day and apply glass colors in the sheet.
again i didnt take the picture for freehand drawing sorry guys!!


Third step:
after drying of glass colors cut the close edge of the black liner according to the design and the next stage is to attach satin ribbons at the back side of each design so that we can use those ribbons to mark in the the backside at the top of the design apply some craft glue and stick the folded ribbons as shown in the picture...........hope these will help you to do this wonderful bookmark!


  1. Good idea and the book mark is very pretty. Good work Vinodhini.

  2. Thank you for this clear tutorial! I love all your crochet work!

  3. thanks friends and will post some more soon.

  4. Pretty bookmark


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