Sunday, March 27, 2011

Macrame Bag

I  tried new art and learn from the net, this site i learn the types of macrame knots and i tried this tutorial for making small bag without beads and hope the link is useful for my blogger friends.....


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shell stich crochet bag

Hi friends,

i made this cute little bag for one of my friend's baby for her birthday and i used shell stich and stiched lining cloth with zip!!! i have learnt shell stich from here

Friday, March 18, 2011

kids crafts during vocation

Hi friends,
here i am going to post my dd's works that i taught them on their vocation leave......and they really enjoyed alot while doing these crafts.....

first one is coconut shell craft

Take coconut shell without wet and carve all hair like part of the shell and make smooth with knife or with sand paper...then apply poster color on it, better to give double coat and then leave it for more than four hours and then applied 3d outliner for making outer desings to make more attractive and make sure that the three holes have to be opened fully with the help of knife before making smooth of the coconut shell.......its very easy for kids to do.......
Next one is clay dough craft that is agarpathi stand and i used salt dough to make.....but i didnt bake it (in so many blogs i read that have to bake it for more than one hr in 350 deg)

Salt dough procedure:
Maida flour: two cup
fine salt :  one cup
water : 3/4 cup
poster paint few drops as per taste
have to knead well like chappathi dough for sometime and do the desired shapes and bake it conventional oven for one and half hr(depends upon the shapes and ovens) in 350 degree....make sure to look often ab the salt dough shapes.....

Procedure for making agarpathi stand:
make one ball of salt dough and press in the middle of jam bottle lid fron part and make immidiately holes for standing postions for agarpathi's and take some dough and make long tube like and attach to the centre part , you can came to know abt the flower shape from the picture.......

Next one is bangle butterfly:
materials needed is old unused or broken bangles, glue and disposable tray.
in this craft my dd applied water colored on the disposabel tray and then after drying draw butterfly shape and  then apply glue and stick the desired length of bangles(have to prepare before starting)  and let it to dry for one day and out bangle butterfly is ready now..

Next one is disposbale tray Sweet home Board:
in this we used disposable tray, poster paint, 3d glitter
Apply poster paint (my dd used many colors for multicolor) first and let it dry for some hrs and then apply paint and write Sweet home or else any desired wording you can write...and after that apply 3d glitters for enhancing the words....and i added glittering flower in one corner..

Next one is my sweet yonuger dd;s craft towards disposable cup and duck
materials needed is paper cup, color paper and 3d outliner
Take disposable cup and cut the upper part and then enhanced with glitter paint. then cut the duck shaped in color paper and add some handle shape to the disposable cup and apply some glitte paint in the handle part and attach to the cup with the help of cellotape or glue....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

OHP Sheet Book mark and tutorial

Hi friends,

i did one bookmark using ohp sheet and glass colors and black liner......and want to share my tutorial here with you all ilites........hope all will try this out and this is very easy and kids also can do for fun.......and this one is for my dd's friend for her birthday she wanted to give thats why i made this cute book mark......she is very happy now!!
Designs using for this work is depends upon your choice you can use any picture from book or else use freehand drawing directly in ohp sheet with pen or sketch and can use black liner after that on the lining..........
i used barbie design for my dd's friend!!

Materials needed:
OHP sheet
glass colors, (as per your choice - water based)
black liner,
satin ribbon(as per your choice)

First step: Trace the design on the ohp sheet or use free hand drawing and use black liner and draw the full design with out any lumps in the middle, if any mistakes happed you can leave it as itself, after drying you can use knife and remove the mistaken black liner and apply good one and then leave it for 24 hrs....

i forgot to take the fully applied black liner figure...
Second step:
After drying of the picture apply glass colors as per your choice then leave it again for half day...and i applied one flower with my freehand drawing style and i always love to do freehand drawing only and as usual apply black liner and leave it for one day and apply glass colors in the sheet.
again i didnt take the picture for freehand drawing sorry guys!!


Third step:
after drying of glass colors cut the close edge of the black liner according to the design and the next stage is to attach satin ribbons at the back side of each design so that we can use those ribbons to mark in the the backside at the top of the design apply some craft glue and stick the folded ribbons as shown in the picture...........hope these will help you to do this wonderful bookmark!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rajasthani bird Wall haning & tutorial SBS photos

Hi friends,
after some time i am posting here my new recent work of Rajasthani bird wall hanging placed in my doorstep and i am going to share my tutorial of making rajasthani bird making with SBS photos, hope this will be useful for all of my crafty friends!!
Materials needed:
unused cotton cloth or bandini style cloth
needle and thread for sewing
required beads, bells
woolen thread for tail
satin ribbon  as per matching according to the cloth which is using for making bird
stuff cotton or waste cloth
mirrors or stone to embelish
have to make big square shaped with 4 / 4 inches that means vertical and  horizontal wise....and as well as small size one and half inches and imp. thing is have to make three face to face that means three faces to one side means other three faces to another side........then only can hang in two corners of the doorstep.......
First step:
Make triangle shape and sew all the edges and make sure dont sew till last leave open space to fill the stuff cotton or waste cloth..........

Second step:
after sewing stage fill with stuff cotton and dont stuff the square part that is for beak from the below snap you can know abt how to sew the squares and stuffed trinangle shown.

Third step:
After making these six triangles and stuff with cotton or waste cloth to fill and small square fold into triangle and not to stuff with cotton (not required for beak) .

Fourth step:
after making these triangles attach the small triangle into one corner of the big stuffed triangle and stich the open space embedded with small one. and sew bead for eye in the top part of the triangle shape......and take satin ribbon for making headpart look like a feather, fold into three and sew together at the backside of the bird(triangle shaped) now the beak, eye and feather part is ready and then take some woolen thread and sew for tail part .and arrange ribbon(golden ribbon looks very nice) aroud the neck and rest part of the body of the bird part i made three strand of satin ribbon to look attractive!! the color the ribbon and bead is as per your taste you can add......i have taken yellow ribbon for feather means i added red for the body vice versa  i used for the other birds..........make rest of the five.....
(in the above snap one birds beak didnt comeout well, i repaired it afterwards but i didnt take the snap)

Fifth step:
then i have taken six diamond shaped cloth and sew all the edges and glued mirror in the centre piece to use like a intermediate for one bird to the another one.....

Sixth step:
after this take sew threaded beads with one bell (as per taste) with one diamond shaped motif...and then aonther corner of the motif sew beads with this i used six beads in between birds and can add more than six as per your choice....and sew next by next with beads diamonds and birds!! and atlast only one thing have to do that is hanging thread take some woolen thread five or six strands to make sure strong enough to hang in the nail and sew it with topmost bird.........oneside of the thoran is now ready and another side you have to make like this similar way.