Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coffee painting by kids

Hi friends,
these coffee painting on chart paper done by my students. Kids enjoyed the aroma smell very much while doing coffee painting...
how to:
Its very easy and simple method of coffee painting and kids will defnetly love to do this wonderful coffee painting. I used instant coffee powder and added little water to make a concentrated one for making outline and prepared diluted one for giivng inside poriton(have to prepare before 24 hrs) for the painting and let those painting for drying purpose for half an hour. And next i applied diluted one for the outer leftover portions and inside also. Thats it!! coffee painting finihsed and the borders are optional one...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi friends,
i am taking art and craft class for kids and i am uploading here all the crafts what they have i am going to upload cd crafts done by them using sating ribbon roses and stones stuck on the cd's...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Gandhi cap and nehru cap

Hi friends,
one of my friend asked me to stitch Gandhi' cap alais Nehru's cap to her son for participating in Fancy dress competition dress like Nehruji. So i searched in net for stitching of this wonderful cap, but i didnt get specific instructions for that. Instead of i got this link in youtube for making cap.In this video i can see the instructions clearly making in the paper and i made in the paper also and like this same method i used in the cloth also. So i made in cap's cloth(here in dubai i got the cap material specially selling for making caps) in canvas cloth. Its very hard to stitch in machine so i stitches in hand itself and gave it to my friend. She asked me in a hurry and she wants within one day, so i didnt take snap of that and i made immidiately in uniform cloth which i had with me. So i had given canvas for both sides of the cap for stiffness and this is quite difficult for me for stitching of cap in uniform cloth. The cloth will be in pure cotton white cloth means the end product will be very nice and this is mine and i started stitching this type of caps....

Art and craft class

Hi friends,

This is paper lamp made by six year old kid.

This one is origami flower made by eleven year old and nine year old kids.

This was done by nine year old boy. cut and stuck color paper as house.

This was done by six year old girl photo frame from old newspaper stuck on the color paper and stuck sequeins at two sides.

i am taking art and craft classes here in dubai for seven students and i am making them to learn new things during vocation time. They have done some crafts that i want to share........will upload some more in upcoming posts......!!!

crochet shell stitch purse and waffle stitch purse

Hi friends,

The first one is shell stitch and the second one in green color is i used waffle stitch purse, i  made this shell stitch purse some days before and especially made for kids. and i am going to sell this patterned purses in many colors and i am taking orders also.....and waffle stitch purse in the mini purse made for keeping ATMcards, credit cards, be keep safely in handbags.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

my fourth sale pattern for crochet puff stitch cardigan

Hi friends,
i made this some time long and i uploaded the pattern pdf for this sweater in Ravelry...if anybody wants to download just click on the link the details for the sweater will appear. It was the sale pattern for 5$.
here is the link

Thursday, March 15, 2012

crochet bobble stitch & single half double crochet stitch purse

Hi friends,
this pattern is very nice and turned out very neat and i got this wonderful pattern from and i made purse with that pattern. In raverly one raveller uploaded this free pattern for green peachy purse but i made small purse for organizing pen and pencils and especially for kids. I used green and brown color to differenciate the pattern for looking nice.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brick stitch purse

Hi friends,
i made this cute brick stitch purse and posted the pattern as free in Ravelry. At the right side of my blog i had given the link so you can easily access the link. I think it  came out nice.