Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rajasthani bird Wall haning & tutorial SBS photos

Hi friends,
after some time i am posting here my new recent work of Rajasthani bird wall hanging placed in my doorstep and i am going to share my tutorial of making rajasthani bird making with SBS photos, hope this will be useful for all of my crafty friends!!
Materials needed:
unused cotton cloth or bandini style cloth
needle and thread for sewing
required beads, bells
woolen thread for tail
satin ribbon  as per matching according to the cloth which is using for making bird
stuff cotton or waste cloth
mirrors or stone to embelish
have to make big square shaped with 4 / 4 inches that means vertical and  horizontal wise....and as well as small size one and half inches and imp. thing is have to make three face to face that means three faces to one side means other three faces to another side........then only can hang in two corners of the doorstep.......
First step:
Make triangle shape and sew all the edges and make sure dont sew till last leave open space to fill the stuff cotton or waste cloth..........

Second step:
after sewing stage fill with stuff cotton and dont stuff the square part that is for beak from the below snap you can know abt how to sew the squares and stuffed trinangle shown.

Third step:
After making these six triangles and stuff with cotton or waste cloth to fill and small square fold into triangle and not to stuff with cotton (not required for beak) .

Fourth step:
after making these triangles attach the small triangle into one corner of the big stuffed triangle and stich the open space embedded with small one. and sew bead for eye in the top part of the triangle shape......and take satin ribbon for making headpart look like a feather, fold into three and sew together at the backside of the bird(triangle shaped) now the beak, eye and feather part is ready and then take some woolen thread and sew for tail part .and arrange ribbon(golden ribbon looks very nice) aroud the neck and rest part of the body of the bird part i made three strand of satin ribbon to look attractive!! the color the ribbon and bead is as per your taste you can add......i have taken yellow ribbon for feather means i added red for the body vice versa  i used for the other birds..........make rest of the five.....
(in the above snap one birds beak didnt comeout well, i repaired it afterwards but i didnt take the snap)

Fifth step:
then i have taken six diamond shaped cloth and sew all the edges and glued mirror in the centre piece to use like a intermediate for one bird to the another one.....

Sixth step:
after this take sew threaded beads with one bell (as per taste) with one diamond shaped motif...and then aonther corner of the motif sew beads with this i used six beads in between birds and can add more than six as per your choice....and sew next by next with beads diamonds and birds!! and atlast only one thing have to do that is hanging thread take some woolen thread five or six strands to make sure strong enough to hang in the nail and sew it with topmost bird.........oneside of the thoran is now ready and another side you have to make like this similar way.


  1. wow...that's a nice tutorial...thank you for sharing

  2. Its beautiful!!! I love the fabric you have used.

  3. very nice tutorial thanks for sharing.......

  4. thanks sandy and thendral for comments and i am very happy that the procedure is useful to you!!

  5. Beautiful and the tutorial is also good. VInothini, sorry i was into some health problems so i could not post the procedure for the bird in crochet. I try doing it soon and post for u.

  6. thanks vino...for this tutorial...I know many of us have seen this type of wall hanging..very clear tutorial so easily follow ur tutorial...thanks again..

  7. thanks kasthuri, mira and vahee for your nice comments and yes vahee i want to share with my friends so that i posted the detailed procedure and in all my future projects also mostly including tutorials will be post.!!!!

  8. I am planning to make this wall hanging for my daughter's school project. Could you please tell me how much cloth should I buy??

  9. very pretty!


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  11. Please share video(parrot hanging making)

  12. Please share video(parrot hanging making)

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