Monday, April 30, 2012

Free crochet pattern for Barbie dress


Material used:
white and green color yarn
crochet hook - 3.25mm
abbreviations used:
single crochet
double crochet stitch
half double crochet stitch
work with two color yarn mixed that means 2 skiens (1- white, 2- green)
Row 1: ch 24, join with slip st with first st and make a ring to make a skirt part
Row 2: dc in each chain of row 1 so totally 24 dc
(note: join with slip st to the frist stitch, and make ch 3(assume as 1 dc) this point should be follow in all rows)
Row 3: *2 dc in the same st,1 dc in next, 1 dc in next*, 2 dc in next,repeat these steps till last stitch and join (totally 32 dc's)
Row 4: to Row 7: repeat row 3
Row 8: 2 dc in between dc's of row 7 so totally 64 dc's

Top part:
now the bottom part finsihed and yet to start from the hip part that means the part ch 24 which we start to make skirt part. 
24 single hdc's in 8 rows
and finsih off. make 20 chains with two skiens either two colors or two skiens of single color (2 ropes) and sew it tow sides for tieing from one side which we assuming as front side, and make 25 chains with two skiens and use as a belt for barbie hip for tightening purpose.


  1. beautiful work vino. Colour combination is also very nice and pleasant

  2. Very pretty dress. Pleasant colors :)

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