Friday, October 28, 2011

Blanket stich / Buttonhole stich Embroidery in kids tops

Hi friends,
some days before i finished this embroidery work in my dd's tops for long skirt in the same cloth, but i didnt do any embroidery work in the skirt. first i stiched skirt alone and then stiched tops, after then only i got to do embroidery in the tops and that too Blanket stich embroidery i wanted to do. And the long skirt i stiched and when i googled in net i got this model and started stiching and i think it comes out well and as usual my dd is very happy by wearing this cute tops and skirt.
You can see the video of Blanket stich here 

And i used stem stich for stems and herringbone stiches for leaves, it takes me three days to finish!!
Win in the flat world championship

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bobble stich purse

Hi friends,

after some days i am back with my new crochet purse and i want to share with you all .............the stich i used in this is bobble stich and you can find the tutorial here. and i attached small handle for this cute pink and green color purse or bag, this is a wonderful gift to my dd's friend for her birthday. she loves very much after getting this gift to her hand!! and my dd also very happy by giving this good gift to her friend and i will continue my next work and post here as early as possible dearies!! I will catch you all in my next post till then taek care and byee!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Velvette embossing

Hi friends,

i finished this wonderful velvette embossing of Radha Krishna and this is done by my daughter and i was so happy to see the end product. this is the kit and its worth of fifty rupees in India and she finished this wonderful painting with in three days.
Cant take clear pictures becoz of the glass frame.....but try to give the best one!! hope all will like it!!!