Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My Surprise and First Award

Hi friends,
today when i checked my mail i saw pleasant surprise from Usha srikumar and she gave me the AWARD for me  that is

I am  very lucky to recieve this award from Usha, zova and mira for adding me as one of their favourites.
I always admires all crafters who is trying to achieve to take a great part in the blogging world and in future going to be take a first place and win the blogging race, in that way i came across the new comers of 
1. Sandy  sandvicrochet and i always admires her crocheting works
2. Zova i always admires her embroidery works very neat and clear works and i love her bedsheet painting and i am living near to her and wanted to meet soon
3. Mira i love her travel articles, stories and cooking and crocheting things also. 
4. Maha  she is very creative and very nice crocheting lady with perfect thing,
5. Arul she is very talent with her crocheting and mehendi works and i dont forget to see all her new posts.


  1. Congrats Vinodhini. Wish you many more milestones. Thanks for sharing the award with me. Could you please edit the url of my blog it is :-)