Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Some more Crochet puff stich mini purses

Hi friends,

i made some more mini crochet purses as per the order. 


  1. Awesome pics ramvino... color combo is really good! great going.....

  2. Vinodini - congrats on becoming a professional.The bags are looking so lovely.btw how much stitch did you bind off for getting the button hole. Kudos for all your pains

  3. very nice.... looking beautiful... what will you do all these purses?? :)

  4. thanks vidya and nithya mam for nice comments and i skipped one chain for double crochet at last row and made hole for button holding purpose.
    @ arul i made all these cute purses for my daughters friends who wanted to own this purse with various colors.

  5. hey i crocheted mobile pouch
    do see here: http://thearksbloom.blogspot.com/2011/12/cellphone-cover.html

    i think u will like it, its nearly the same

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