Sunday, November 06, 2011

Crochet Puff stich pencil case free Pattern

Hi friends,
i finished this making of cute crochet pencil case for my dearmost son and in this case i used puff stiches in eight rows and lined with cotton cloth and attached zip...
I m going to give the pattern for this wonderful crochet pattern and i hope all will understand this pattern. I think beginners can also easily follow this pattern if they know the turns and changing of color of the skeins of the making product.
Material used for this case is yellow and grey color cotton yarns and normal crochet J hook, zip and lining cloth.

Pattern :
Base : used double crochet stiches. put 30 chains and turn with three chains and put double crochet stiches around 30 chains (30 dc's)
repeat this until fourth line reached. lastly base of the pencil case will appear.
Body of the pencil case:
turn with two chains  and put puff stiches (grey color) in the 2nd dc of the base stiches of dc's and in the fourth dc put another puff stich in the same color. and in the sixth dc attach yellow skeins and put puff stiches (2 stiches ) and in the eighth dc apply puff stiches in yellow color so that
grey grey yellow yellow
will appear.
and continue this in the first row of the case and in the next row according to the design have to apply the grey color skeins and put puff stiches next st of the previous row i mean in the first row two grey color puff stiches is there in the middle of this grey colors and have to put to the next of the grey color. so two color grey color and like this yellow color also need to appear.

repeat this until completion of eight rows. and lastly line with cotton cloth and attach zip to handle.
i think it will understand while watching closely to the below picture. if any doubts ask me i will clarify your doubts.


  1. very nice purse, vinodhini. seeing you after a long time. how do you do?

  2. thanks mira and arul for nice and encouraging comments. yeah mira, i am back after two months, waht abt u?? i didnt see your works in your blog too??

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