Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crochet Fridge handle cover

Hi friends,

i made this one for refridegerator handles (two) in double crochets and made chequed designs........


  1. Hi Ramvino

    Good work yaar...Can you teach me how to do this....

  2. yes charanya sure........i will post the procedure for making crochet fridge handle cover soon dear......and thanks for your nice comments also dear....

  3. Wow nice, useful one akka!.. how to take the measurements and make it?..

  4. Hi devi,
    its very easy to make like this crochet fridge handle cover, first have to take measurement for the fridge and then used double crochets to make the mat and then i add buttons for standby otherwise we can use welcro for joint......

  5. thank you ramvino for your comments on my blog.... and your work is very neat than i made. i have to try many other ideas for house hold items...